Meet Ralph, My Mission Impossible Squirrel

Well, some time ago, I decided that if I were to have a bird feeder, I might as well embrace the squirrels that visit.  So, on my little patio table is squirrel friendly food. At the bird feeder tree (not shown), is bird food with lots of embedded capsicum (hot sauce), which apparently the squirrels don’t like, yet doesn’t phase the birds.  So, I have a two-zone feeding area: the squirrels can hand out on the table, and the birds at the bird tree.  Still, with all the pampering I give the squirrels, I notice one squirrel in particular, who loves to give himself a challenge, even when a challenge is not necessary.  I call him Ralph.  I guess for Ralph, the free food is not nearly as fun as his invented game in getting to it.  For me, it sees a little exhausting!

Ralph, the Mission Impossible Squirrel

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